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Whatever your message is, Short Code SMS marketing texting is the most incredibly efficient way to engage with your clients.MSpace Solutions Short Code services enable two-way messaging and help you land straight into your client’s inbox.

What’s even better is that;

  • SMSs have a 98% open rate and 90% of people respond within 30 min
  • You can include a link in your sms to lead clients to your landing pages or website
  • A convenient and cost-effective way for lead generation
  • You can earn extra revenue with a dedicated shortcode

Let’s get you started,

What is a Short Code SMS and do you need it?


SMS Short Codes are 5-digit numbers used to;

  • Collect feedback
  • Lead generation
  • Brand promotion from customers
  • Can provide dynamic auto-reply within seconds

For example, if you take the keyword SMSHUB and someone sends a message with that keyword to 40015 then the customer automatically receives an auto-reply through SMS whatever you have set in the auto-reply.

Short Code SMS marketing will help you for sure since today’s cutting-edge mobile and cellular technology has changed the way we live and work. If you want to market or promote something to mobile users, manage mobile communications to clients or organizations, or get cell phone users to access your website landing page or services.


Real estate agents rely heavily on marketing to grow their businesses and attract customers. It’s essential to have an effective marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd with the growing competition in the real estate industry. One powerful tool that can help you achieve this is using Short Code SMS marketing.

 In this blog, we’ll discuss ten effective short code marketing tips for real estate agents such as;

  1. Create a keyword for your shortcode
  2. Use your Short Code on your marketing materials
  3. Set Up Meetings with Home Buyers
  4. Collect Contact Details
  5. Promote open houses
  6. Invite Home Buyers To Events
  7. Send property listings
  8. Provide updates
  9. Follow-up With Clients
  10. Leverage social media

Create a keyword for your shortcode

The first step in using Short Code for real estate marketing is to create a keyword that will be associated with your Short Code. This keyword can be a word or phrase that represents your brand or the type of service you offer.

Use your Short Code on your marketing materials

Once you have your short code and keyword, use them on your marketing materials such as

  •  Business cards
  •  Flyers,
  • Billboards
  • Social media posts.

This will increase brand awareness and make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you

 Set Up Meetings with Home Buyers with Short Code SMS marketing

It’s quick and easier to set up appointments since you can do it in person by phone email or through text messages.

And since clients might forget, you can send follow-ups so that clients don’t forget about your meeting.

 Collect Contact Details

So as  not to lose the client’s track, With SMS communication, you can avoid all that by

asking those who have opted to get texts from you to send details such as ;

  •  Name
  •  Budget
  •  City
  •  Particulars of the house they want
  •  Email address

Promote open houses with Short Code SMS marketing

Short Codes can also be used to promote open houses. In real estate, as in many other businesses, those who succeed are those who manage to capture the audience’s attention.

Create a keyword that’s associated with the open house and include it in your marketing materials. Potential clients can text the keyword to receive details about the open house.

 Invite Home Buyers To Events

One way SMS marketing for real estate can loosen your workload is through event invites. As a real estate agent, you should organize home buyers’ events using bulk sms to those interested instead of struggling to find everyone’s emails.

Send property listings

Another way to use shortcodes is to send property listings to potential clients. Create a keyword that’s associated with the type of property or location and send property listings to those who text the keyword.

Provide updates

Keep potential clients updated on new listings or price changes by sending SMS alerts. This is an effective way to keep clients engaged and show that you’re proactive in providing the latest information.

Follow-up With Clients

When it comes to follow-ups real estate agents probably know the importance of good timing. A delayed response can lead to clients lost. Many agents go for real estate text messaging to follow up on client communication to avoid that.

Leverage social media

Use Short Codes on your social media platforms to encourage followers to text for more information. Include a call-to-action on your social media posts that invites potential clients to text your short code for details.

In conclusion, shortcodes are a powerful tool that can help real estate agents grow their businesses and attract clients. To learn more visit MSpace Solutions Services.


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